Two elderly men with glasses laughing


You put a lot of effort in providing services for your residents, make it easy for them to discover and benefit.


Part of feeling at home, is feeling engaged with your surroundings. For many, senior life means having the disposable time to invest doing the things you want, without the stress of planning.

The primary home phone plan allows residents to :
Discover the activities your residence has to offer.
Receive special and general announcements, event reminders, even emergency alerts.

Making new friends can be intimidating, at any age!
Give them an ice-breaker by fostering community engagement, and giving them access to a photo directory of all current residents. Knowing their neighbours will give them a sense of familiarity.


Provide residents the resources  that speak to their independence and social life.

The premium community engagement plan gives residents:

Access to a photo directory. Like this, you can place a face with a name a little easier.

It also gives them access to a self-serve application that allows them to

  • Make restaurant reservations
  • Reserve activities
  • Access daily menus and event schedules