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CŌV Communications at the 2024 ORCA Spring Road Show

We had a fantastic experience at the ORCA Spring Road Show 2024 in Ottawa and London, Ontario! It was a pleasure to connect with retirement industry professionals and delve into essential topics that are shaping our field. The event provided valuable insights on enhancing workplace dynamics, ensuring regulatory compliance, and improving communication strategies. Key discussions…


CŌV Communications at the 2024 Together We Care Convention

We had an incredible time at the Together We Care Convention 2024! Engaging with industry professionals and sharing insights was truly inspiring. Our on-site barista service added a touch of relaxation, and our specially curated home fragrances sparked great conversations. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth! Looking forward to exploring new synergies and…


ORCA 2023 Road Show in Brampton

We had an amazing experience at the ORCA 2023 Road Show in Brampton ! Engaging discussions on navigating stress, risk, and conflict in senior care provided valuable insights. Grateful for the chance to contribute and learn from sector experts. A big thank you to all the members who visited our booth !


CŌV Communications is proud of its participation in the annual RQRA Congress

As a partner of RQRA (Quebec Association of Senior Residences), CŌV Communications is proud of its participation in the annual RQRA Congress held on November 1st and 2nd at the Laval Convention Centre. We took advantage of our participation to showcase our Smart living solutions specifically designed for senior residences.



We had an incredible time at Orca Con held at the beautiful Deerhurst Resort a couple of weeks ago! Cōv Communications was thrilled to share the launch of our Smart Living Solutions for senior living. Our innovative solutions received a warm reception from all the amazing members who attended this fantastic educational networking event. Thank you…


IPTV: The Benefits of Modern Technology for Your Senior Residence

If you work in senior residence facilities, you know how important entertainment and communication are to residents. Having the right technology in place to support these needs is non-negotiable. In fact, recent research shows that, for 83% of senior living communities, technology amenities improve occupancy. Most importantly, as retirement homes invest in technology, resident engagement,…


Music for Seniors and Its Benefits

Music is an important part of our lives regardless of age or even language. Many people listen to music in the car or around the house. But did you know that listening to music can provide real physical and mental health benefits as you grow older? The benefits of music Improve overall health Listening to…


Top 3 Things Residents Want from Senior Homes

Senior homes have changed dramatically over the last decade. Many provide a luxurious or homely atmosphere, which is a far cry from the institutional rooms of old. A part of this change has been driven by what people want and need from senior homes. It’s no secret that what people expect from their living facility…


Best Practices for Memory Care in Senior Homes

The spectre of Alzheimer’s disease is real for the elderly. After a person crosses the age of 65, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s doubles every 5 years [1]. Roughly 800K people live with the disease in Canada currently [1]. Unfortunately, that number is expected to rise by 66% to 937K by 2031 [2]. Other countries…


Factors to Consider to Ensure Residents Are Aging Well

The world population is living longer. The life expectancy in different countries has increased steadily over the years, especially in developed countries. For instance, life expectancy in the USA and UK is roughly 79 and 80 respectively. The same figure for Canada is 82, according to World Bank data [1].  What does this mean for…

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