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Factors to Consider to Ensure Residents Are Aging Well

The world population is living longer. The life expectancy in different countries has increased steadily over the years, especially in developed countries. For instance, life expectancy in the USA and UK is roughly 79 and 80 respectively. The same figure for Canada is 82, according to World Bank data [1].  What does this mean for…

Man painting outside

Benefits of Creative Activities for Seniors

Advances in healthcare and technology have contributed to an increase in longevity all over the world. It is especially pronounced in industrialized nations. People are living longer and staying active throughout their life. Older adults are actively pursuing new activities and finding a sense of purpose in their later years. Living longer also begs the…


A Look Back at the Senior Housing Industry in 2019

Senior homes have come a long way over the past decade. They have transformed from places for nursing care to thriving communities for seniors. Public perception of senior living homes has also changed.  There was a time when the elderly were reluctant to move into a senior home. Now many people are making an active…


Bringing the Holiday Spirit into a Senior Home

The holiday season is a time for friends and family to celebrate together. But it can be challenging for seniors who live in a senior living or assisted living community. Your residents may feel that they are missing out on family festivities and fun parties. Besides, the cold weather can make it difficult for seniors…

Male And Female Residents Sitting In Chairs And Talking In Lounge Of Retirement Home

The Occupancy Reality in Canadian Senior Living Communities

Senior living is of growing concern to many countries, especially in North America and Europe. It’s not hard to see why. Countries such as the USA, UK, Canada, and Japan are witnessing a rapid increase in the senior population. As the population ages, there are bound to be concerns around living facilities and the need…

Portait of women 74 old outdoors in winter

How to Combat the Winter Blues Among Seniors

Winter is the season of festive cheer and holidays. While most people love the holiday season, winter also means lower temperatures, shorter days, and fewer social outings. After all, who wants to go out in the snow?  It’s not unusual for people to feel sad during the colder months. Lower energy levels, lethargy, and feeling…


Benefits of community culture for senior residences

The stigma of ‘having’ to move to a senior home is decreasing by the day. Gone are the days when senior homes were only concerned with nursing and basic levels of care. Today’s seniors expect more from their residence.  A recent study found that the reasons behind moving to a senior home have changed. There…


Social Activities to organize for residents

Did you know socialization is just as important for adults as it is for children? Making and having social connections is associated with better health outcomes. While that’s true for everyone, it crucial for the elderly. Research indicates it’s vital for a senior to maintain social connections [1]. Why is social capital – the connections…


Helping a loved one move into a senior home

Like any major change in life, moving to a senior home is challenging. Moving an elderly family member to a senior home takes an emotional toll on the entire family. Unfortunately, while you can delay the move, you cannot avoid it.  When Is the Time Right? This is the first question you have to answer…


How changing our language and attitude about aging can help seniors

Senior homes have evolved and changed over the years. Many peoples’ idea of the senior community bears no resemblance to reality. It is based on articles and pictures that are several decades out of date. It might explain why a lot of people still talk about the aging process in a negative context. A move…

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