It’s time we had
a real connection.

While there is great merit in enhancing the way we communicate and connect,  there is greater merit in remembering that we fundamentally want to feel connected. And that, should be the stepping-stone to purposeful technology. It is the only way to honour our heritage.


Cōv. Smarter unified telecommunications that intuitively unite people.

Considerate of how you connect. Committed to keeping you feeling connected.

Cōv is the only Canadian telecommunications service provider with more than 15 years of experience in the retirement homes market.

The company’s founded with the mission of bridging the gap between seniors, the homes they live in, and the telecommunication services they want and need.

It is recognized for its senior-specific customer service, and currently services reputable retirement homes across Canada helping them enhance senior safety, lifestyle, and retention.

Cōv is committed to helping senior homes reduce their operational expenses, optimize their telecommunications, and to reduce their labor expenses.

By providing an accessible, unified, and mutually beneficial tenant/homeowner service subscription, Cōv is reforming the telecommunications service landscape and upgrading senior living.

About Connect it Networks

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Our engineer-driven approach provides you with scalable, customizable, and accessible communication solutions, designing a seamless and dynamic user experience and service, through and through.

Connect it Networks.

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