Shady Telecom Practices: How Cōv Communications is Different

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Shady Telecom Practices: How Cōv Communications is Different

Have you ever ended a phone call with your telecom company’s customer service with a smile on your face? For the vast majority of people who have ever had to deal with a telecom company, the answer is likely a resounding no.

While poor customer service is not restricted to this particular industry, telecom companies are notorious for it. If recent surveys and polls are any indication, most users would prefer not to contact their telecom company at all.

Recent articles in the media have shed light on unethical and questionable business practices by Canadian telecom call centers against their customers. The practices range from penalizing call-center agents if a customer cancels service to reducing or even eliminating bonuses completely if the agent takes too long to resolve service issues.

Some agents are even forced to resort to shady tactics such as transferring difficult calls to another agent or simply not recording the customer’s cancellation request. It’s no wonder that customers get frustrated and give up!

In an industry that is characterized by cutthroat competition and the relentless pursuit of profit, can a business succeed by providing good and honest customer service? The answer is a resounding yes.


How is Cōv Communications Different?


At Cōv Communications, we believe there is a better way. We believe in providing the best value for each and every customer. We focus on what our users need, rather than our bottom line. In fact, we follow customer-centric philosophy and it’s reflected in the way we treat our end users as well as employees.

We believe that price is only one component of value. A company whose only value comes from low prices, offers little else. In a competitive market, we need more differentiators than just how low we can go. At Cōv, we strive to offer true value to our clients.


Our Customer Service Team Is Part of the Company, Not Apart from It


One of the biggest issues with telecom operators is that service agents don’t feel like they’re a part of the company. In many cases, the service reps work at a 3rd party call center that are partnered with the telecom company. That’s not how we do things at Cōv though.

We treat our customer service agents as part of the team. All our employees share the company’s core values, philosophy, and work towards the same mission. We know that if we treat our employees well, they will in-turn treat our customers well.

At Cōv, you’re not just a number – you’re more like family. You want someone who looks out for your best interests, and doesn’t treat you like a cash cow. Long term relationships are important to us, and we will go out of our way to ensure that you get the flexibility and help you need.


We Focus on What Our Customers Need from Us


Cōv is different from other telecom companies in many ways. One important distinction is our customer base. Our clients are senior residences and the  senior citizens they service who often need extra care. We strive to have a team that goes the extra mile to deliver satisfaction and exceeds expectations. With 15 years experience of catering to the senior’s market, we know how to do so ethically and responsibly.

That’s why we focus on what our users need. Many of the calls we get are not complaints but questions on using our services for example setting up email or voicemail accounts. Unlike other customer service reps, our agents don’t attempt to sign you up for services you don’t need! If you have a problem, we’ll help you or your residents solve it. If you need help, we provide it. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.


We Stay Connected to the Local Consumer


We live in a globalized world and companies try to expand across borders. It’s a perpetual race to stay ahead of the competition, enter new markets, and improve the bottom line. But at what cost? Here at Cōv, we want to stay true to our roots and our local customers. It’s more than just price, our philosophy is to provide the best value for our users.

Good customer service has to be about the customer, not the company. But it’s easy to lose sight of the fact in a highly competitive market. While we focus on providing excellent customer care and maintaining the connection with our users, others are more interested in poaching customers for short-term profits. Sure, it’s easy to entice customers with promotional pricing but what happens when the promotion ends? You end up with users who are ready to leave your business for greener pastures.


We Don’t Penalize Our Employees for Helping Customers


This might sound counterintuitive but many telecom companies actually penalize service agents if they do what the customer wants. Especially if what the customer wants is to cancel their service. While they might believe it encourages employees to work harder, it results only in customer dissatisfaction and disgruntled workers.

At Cōv, our agents are here to help callers. Whether customers need help learning how to use the safety features or customizing voicemail messages, our agents listen. We encourage our employees to go the extra mile, to listen and explain things with patience to elderly clients. We don’t count the minutes each agent spends on a customer. We only care that their problem is fixed.

Some companies will do anything to keep their customers. But we show that it doesn’t have to include shady business tactics. Cōv Communications does more than offer great customer service. We believe in treating our customers like family.