IPTV: The Benefits of Modern Technology for Your Senior Residence

If you work in senior residence facilities, you know how important entertainment and communication are to residents. Having the right technology in place to support these needs is non-negotiable. In fact, recent research shows that, for 83% of senior living communities, technology amenities improve occupancy. Most importantly, as retirement homes invest in technology, resident engagement, event participation, and staff retention improve. 

The IPTV offering is created with this in mind. Not only does IPTV make it easy for you to provide your residents with a senior-centric TV subscription, but you also get access to a private community channel that can completely change the way you serve your residents.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is Cōv’s TV subscription service created specifically for retirement home communities. It’s entertainment geared toward your residents, making it easy for you to choose a package everyone will love. However, IPTV is not just an entertainment service – it also comes with a private community channel and private camera surveillance channel. With this capability, you can use your IPTV subscription as an optimal means of communication between your residents, visitors, and staff. 

Enticing Benefits of IPTV’s Modern Technology

  1. Boost Event Participation

Your IPTV private community channel makes it easy to keep residents informed about upcoming events, social news, and any other fun opportunities you’ve got on the calendar. Say goodbye to low event participation and wasted money. With your own community channel, everyone is on the same page.

  1. Build Community

More traditional means of communication, like flyers and elevator billboards, often leave people who are confined to their rooms out of the loop. A private community channel gives you the opportunity to communicate with these folks, too, so no one is left behind. This provides a greater sense of belonging for residents. 

  1. Freshen Up Your Surroundings

Bulletin boards, elevator billboards, flyers, and paper-based methods of advertisement leave something to be desired. They’re hard to maintain and keep updated – plus, they aren’t always visually appealing. With IPTV private community channels, you can effortlessly update the channel from your computer. Every room with a TV, including common areas, can view the channel and get the same information. That means you can say goodbye to cluttered elevator billboards and bulletin boards.

  1. Simple, Straightforward Technology

Private community channels are simple to use – in fact, you’re likely already familiar with the technology we use to power the channels. Though familiar and simple to operate, the technology allows you to be as creative as you like with each broadcast to your senior residence.

  1. Camera Surveillance

Cōv Communications can offer you dedicated channels enabling the residents subscribed to Cōv TV to view images transmitted by the surveillance cameras on their TV. Residents will feel safe with IPTV’s built in camera surveillance feature.

Ready to upgrade your retirement home and connect with your residents? It’s time to switch to IPTV. Learn more here.