Using automated technology to ensure senior safety

In 2019, technology is everywhere. How many of us can go a day without a smart device? From online banking to heart monitors, we depend on technology. There are very few appliances which do not have some sort of technology inside. How can technology help ensure senior safety, especially in residences?

As we grow older, safety becomes a critical concern. It’s not just about the safety of the senior either. You can use technology to ease concerns of caregivers as well. However, there are a number of myths surrounding such technology. It prevents people from trusting proven systems that can help. Residences are also reluctant to invest in them, even though they’re incredibly useful.

Myths about Automated Technology

  • It is too expensive to set up

Keeping up with the latest technology is not cheap. A wearable device that monitors heart rate can cost more than $200! But it’s not very expensive to set up a communication system. These systems can serve the needs of dozens of residents.

  • Elderly people cannot understand technology

Use of technology among seniors is growing quickly. A lot of older people prefer it since that allows them to stay independent. Many seniors like using technology to keep themselves safe and healthy. No one likes feeling helpless and out of control. Technology is very useful for the elderly and disabled.

  • It is a safety net for emergencies

When you talk about technology, most people think of medical alert bracelets or similar devices. Automated technology can actually improve the quality of life for seniors. It’s not just for emergencies!

Remember we’re not talking of individual devices. It’s about an ecosystem of devices and services that work together. The future is all about connected devices, not standalone hardware.

Automated Technology for Senior Safety


Reminders for certain tasks like taking medication are very useful for seniors. Sooner or later, a senior is likely to forget about taking the required medicines. Automated reminders that repeat every day or week make sure this doesn’t happen.

There are even smart pill boxes that will alert the user or a caregiver of possible errors. If a senior takes the wrong pills or forgets medication, an alert is sent to their point of care.

You can set reminders for other tasks as well. Paying the bills, going to appointments, and filling out paperwork gets a lot easier with reminders.

Automated Daily Calls

There are times when seniors are unable to get care immediately. It could be that they’ve fallen and cannot get up again. Or they have a medical crisis when alone. This is a huge risk as lying immobile poses health issues to seniors.

Senior residences can invest in a system that makes daily calls to residents. It ensures their well-being at all times. You are also alerted immediately if someone needs help. No one has to stay on the floor for hours after a fall.

Assistance and Medical Services

So what happens when an elderly person needs help? Automated technology can step in here as well. Automated alert systems can alert the designated point of care in case of a medical emergency. In some cases, these automatic alerts are the only reason for seniors to receive medical care in time.

Some assistance services even include emergency buttons. In case of need, the resident doesn’t have to search for the phone and dial 911. Just pressing a button will summon designated personnel.

Automated Appliances

Forgetting to turn off the oven or lock the doors is a common occurrence for the elderly. Can technology do something? Certainly. Nowadays, many appliances are ‘smart’ and connected over the internet. A senior can easily see who’s at the door, the current temperature or turn of the oven from their phone. No more getting out of bed just to make sure you locked the doors!

Any common household appliance touch as toasters, ovens, irons, and faucets can be hooked up to a home automation system. Not only does it keep elderly people safe but it also decreases the worry of family members.

Top Reasons to Use Automated Technology

  • Automated technology has a proven track record of helping improve senior safety. Whether it is preventing falls or reminding the elderly to take their medication, these measures work.
  • For a residence, the benefits of automated systems are immense. You can keep track of residents’ health and safety. Automated systems help keep residents safe, healthy, and active.
  • Provide peace of mind to families and caregivers of the resident. Minimize their worries by ensuring their parents/grandparents are being looked after.


As time goes by, technology is becoming more sophisticated. It is likely that we will be using more technology in our daily lives, not less. Take the first step by investing in automated technology that ensures senior safety and health today.